Celebratory Art

One of my dearest friends is turning thirty-five in a few days. Here I sit, mulling, questioning, contemplating. What could I possibly get this fabulous lady that could encompass what she means to me? We are already celebrating with one of her bucket-list items, a full day at the spa. (I have never done this before and am bubbling over on the inside with excitement.)

I wanted just a bit more, however. Something I could give her besides a card. I think back to the gifts I have received in the past that have touched me in some way. Ah-ha! I’ve got it! A homemade bookmark. The soon to be thirty-five year old is an avid reader so of course, a bookmark makes sense.

Have you ever received a package in the mail that was beautiful? I mean, the packaging itself, stunning? Well, I have. It is really special. I’ve pictured it below. I have saved it because of its beauty, the time and thought that went into the creation and because it came from someone that meant a lot to me.

So, I set out on my creation. First, I gather the supplies. I need twine, a coffee filter, cardstock, scissors, glue, markers and fabric. Next, I begin creating. I carefully choose the color scheme that most closely grasps what’s going on inside my head and away I go on my coffee filter. Scratch, scratch, scratch, bleed, bleed, bleed, the markers of course.

A final spray to the filter with a water bottle and the colors bleed even more. (If you have never done this before, its really quite fun.) After letting it dry, I cut it out in the shape of the bookmark, glue it onto the cardstock and decorate to my liking.

I can’t wait to give it to her tomorrow. Celebration in the form of art. Celebratory Art!

2 thoughts on “Celebratory Art

  1. I love this on so many levels. Gift giving is my love language. Book marks are my jam. Art is my catharsis. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, and you’ve paired the two so beautifully. TY for sharing!! Your friend is a lucky one:) XX


  2. Awe. . . I’m so grateful that this envelope/card/bookmark made it to you in one piece! You should have seen the lady’s face at the post office when I asked her to weigh it because I wasn’t sure how many stamps it would take! She said, “You can’t mail this like this.” I said, “Why not?!?!?” Somehow, I fenagled a scheme to get it in the mail. 🙂 Seriously, though, making bookmarks is such a sweet pleasure. I save my birthday cards and craft them into beautiful bookmarks so I can remember them whenever I open a book. And, some of the tags that come on the items we buy are just too lovely to throw! They find my way into my bookmarks, too. Your dear sweet friend is so lucky to have you as a friend, Joy, just as I am to call you my own true friend.


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