Anonymous Donation

The generosity of some of our community members astounds me. Today, after an hour and a half long meeting hashing out the details of the upcoming dance photo day, rehearsal, and recital, we received word that someone had anonymously submitted a generous donation to our dance company.

I am a teacher of dance for 2-5 graders, alongside four other fabulous instructors. Together we serve over 100 kids from ages 3-18. We have had a very successful season in spite of the challenging circumstances this year. Success did not mirror a monetary surplus, however. There, the company took a pretty big hit. We are so blessed to have been able to keep the doors open.

The meeting consisted of our dance instructors and six other amazing moms, willing to step in wherever needed. One of those moms was the anonymous donor and requested that she remain unnamed.

It was relayed that her donation was attributed to a tremendous appreciation for the program, the care provided to her child through dance, and the joy dance brings to her daughter through the program.

There have been so many moments in this past year in which I questioned whether or not it was worth it to go the extra mile, take the time to complete the extra sanitizing, police the mask-wearing, and continue to work hard with the students, knowing full well that we did not know what the future of the season held.

I am blown away by the support of our community. We really need each other. We rely on each other. We lean on each other.

To the anonymous donor, your gesture does more than signify monetary value, it symbolizes the belief that we are better together.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Donation

  1. This is so wonderful to hear about. I think there are so many anonymous donors out there making huge impacts on communities. I’m so glad someone responded the need.


  2. That is awesome! My granddaughters dance, and I was sad there was no recital last spring. They still had a wonderful experience and looked so pretty in their costumes. I am glad you have a donor who really appreciates what the arts do for our children. Brava!


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